Michigan was one of the few states that saw a decline in population from 2000-2010, but recent estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that this trend is being reversed.

Michigan's population is estimated to have increased by 0.5% from 2010-2016 to a total of 9.93 million people.  About 2/3 of counties in Michigan had a decline in population with the other 1/3 gaining residents.  Most of the population growth occurred in counties in Western and Southern Michigan with most of the decline coming in rural counties in the state.

One other notable statistic is the decline in population in the Upper Peninsula.  Every county but Keweenaw showed a decline, with most of the counties also having a median age of 50 or older.  It appears that the trend of population decline in the UP will continue through 2020 due to the high median age.

West Michigan continues to show growth with Kent and Ottawa Counties experiencing the most growth of any county in the state with an increase of about 39,500 and 18,500 residents respectively.  Almost every West Michigan county showed growth except for a few experience a very slight decline in population.

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