When the Detroit Lions take on the Denver Broncos in a Saturday night primetime game, they'll be doing it on the same weekend as an epic 1997 game when the Pontiac Sliverdome got so loud with Lions fans, that the game's head referee had to step in multiple times to ask for quiet.

It seems like a different era from today as stadium announcers and scoreboards generally rally their fans to get loud during opposing teams' possessions even going so far as posting decibel readings to encourage an even louder more ruckus response.

Take a look at the video of the game from December 21 of 1997 when the Lions hosted the New York Jets.

Jets quarterback Neil O'Donnell had to call timeout after what the announcers called a 'deafening roar in the Silverdome.

Coming off the timeout the Jets still could not communicate effectively to get the play off. The QB alerts the referee, veteran NFL official Dick Hantak, who admonishes the crowd to "get quiet so we can get a play."

The announcers jokingly reply, "yeah, how do you think that's gonna work?"

The noise, of course, does persist. The announcers speculate that the home team could be charged with a penalty if the fans don't calm down.

However after the second play stoppage, the ref tells the crowd they'll cost their team a timeout. The clip ends with Detroit players all motioning to the crowd to simmer down.

Lions fans were quick to comment on the video either sharing the were there or the general atmosphere of the Sliverdome.

That place was so loud! I remember watching them play vs the Bears on Thanksgiving back in the mid 90's and I tell you what, I couldn't hear my buddy next to me yelling at me, I swear it felt like I was vibrating. Never experienced anything like it.

I was at the game! Loved the Lions but Bill Parcells is my favorite coach of all time, So my Dad took me. Watching Barry go over 2000 was a never forget moment along with cheering on Reggie Brown during his injury. This highlight made my day! Go Lions!

It's worth noting that the game did see a very scary moment with Lions player Reggie Brown suffering a severe spinal injury that left him temporarily paralyzed, unable to breathe and ended his playing career.

In the end, the Lions won the game, the season finale, 13-10. It was a game that saw both teams with a chance to earn a Wild Card playoff berth. The Lions took that playoff spot with the win but bowed out in the first round with a loss to Tampa Bay.

However, the 1997 season capped off the best playoff stretch in the team's history with Detroit getting post-season play in 5 of the previous 7 seasons.

Barring a late-season collapse, the 2023 Lions appear playoff bound - a win in an equally ruckus Ford Field could help them on their way.

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