After an historic playoff run in the 2023 NFL season that saw the Detroit Lions reach the NFC Championship, most Michigan fans feel the ongoing excitement of the Dan Campbell Era.

The City of Detroit played host to the NFL Draft and shattered previous attendance records by over 100,000 people and more than doubled the prior year draft held in Kansas City.

So everything should be going the Lions' way, right? Right?

To borrow a phrase well known in college football, "not so fast, my friend."

Following the 2024 NFL Draft someone tasked AI with predicting the next several Super Bowl winners. AI has some pretty interesting thoughts on the next 10 winners of the Super Bowl.

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Shared to the Sports Aesthetics: A Uniforms and Logos Group, here's what the "NFL Script" could look like for the next decade:

  • 2024 Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2025 San Francisco 49ers
  • 2026 Buffalo Bills
  • 2027 Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2028 Dallas Cowboys
  • 2029 Detroit Lions
  • 2030 Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2031 Chicago Bears
  • 2032 New York Jets
  • 2033 Pittsburgh Steelers

What say you to the computer's projections and predictions?

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Will the Lions "window" still be open in half-a-decade? Could any list be accurate with the Bears and Jets? 3 more rings in the next 10 seasons for Kansas City?

AI is predicting the winners and not the match-ups. Could those AFC winnings years of 2024, 2026 and 2027 see the Lions in the big game but coming away with the L. So many back-to-back losses would harken back to the never-get-over-the-hump Buffalo Bills who lost 4 in a row in the early 1990s.

Such a scenario would mean more years of pure frustration and dashed hopes, but make a potential 2029 win all the more sweet perhaps.

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