Detroit Lions fans filled social media with gags like the final score between Who Cares and So What while former Central Michigan baller Antonio Brown went hard for the Lions on X.

With the Lions bowing out in the NFC Championship, Detroit fans have been in 'Next Year is Our Year' mode for the last couple of weeks.

If you believe the NFL is scripted as so many do, the storyline gods are almost certainly lining up to place the Lions in the next Super Bowl which originates from New Orleans.

Here's the scenario: With the win in Vegas, Kansas City has won two Super Bowls in a row. There has never been a threepeat in the Big Game. So Kansas City is gunning for history.

The Detroit Lions got within one step of the Super Bowl in coach Dan Campbell's third season. The team continues to feel it and has no reason not to think they can get to the same pinnacle again in the new season.

So it lines up as history vs history. Kansas City going for an unprecedented third consecutive title while the Lions play in their first after decades of futility.

So what do you say, Lions fans, ready to book a trip to the Big Easy for February 2025?

The Super Bowl LIX (59) logo has been unveiled. You see the Kansas City colors there, no doubt. Now is that other color in the logo green or Honolulu Blue?

Detroit Lions Win-Loss Record Against Every Other NFL Team

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