Detroit Lions fans are famously long suffering. They've stood by their team though many, many lean seasons full of frustration. Now that the franchise's fortunes are seemingly turning around, the NFL world has without a doubt taken notice and with the recently 2024 schedule release, the Lions climb to the top has been rewarded with exposure.

It wasn't too many years ago that Lions fans would never glimpse the team on a prime-time national broadcast save for the traditional early Thanksgiving game. Through the worst of Detroit's dry spell, that may be the only time the team was given exposure to a national audience.

For the 2024 season, the Lions are in several prime time games across Monday, Sunday and Thursday nights and will likely find themselves in the late Sunday window of wider coverage as well.

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After the annual schedule release, YahooSports crunched the numbers on who will be getting the widest exposure this season.

The Lions like many top tier (like the Chiefs) and large market teams (like the Rams) are currently slated for 5 games with national prime-time exposure.

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Contrast that to the bottom tier Indy, Arizona and Tennessee with just 1 game in primetime along with the New England Patriots in a shocking and telling stat on how far the franchise has fallen.

However, no team can match the futility of the Carolina Panthers. The lowly team is in a position Lions fans once knew well - save for a schedule flexing miracle, no prime time games at all this season.

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