'Ghostrider' may seem like something cool, but it won't be cool when you get pulled over and ticketed for distracted driving.

The Michigan State Police have launched their new campaign: "Operation Ghostrider" where they will be riding in unmarked vehicles to catch distracted drivers, reports FOX 2 Detroit. Distracted driving crashes are on the rise, mostly due to people being on their cell phones.

MSP says distracted driving is to blame for more than half of all crashes..."

The Detroit Free Press says If a "ghostrider" police spots you on your cell phone, putting on makeup, or doing something that would be considered "distracting," they will radio an officer in a marked vehicle to pull you over. Monica Yesh, MSP Captain, told the Free Press that they aren't trying to be "sneaky" with this operation. Instead they want people to be aware and make safer decisions. She suggests:

  • Eating at home or work
  • Pulling over if you need to deal with a child
  • Putting your cell phone in your glove box

If you get a ticket for distracted driving it could cost you up to $150. Even worse, a careless driving ticket, which has a higher fine and adds three points to your driving record.

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