Food Network star Paula Deen found herself under fire when allegations of racism and sexual harassment came to light from a recent deposition. In turn she lost her job and was unable to save face, even with a strange series of apology videos and asking people to throw rocks at her.

Yet after all that, the judge has thrown out the claim filed against Deen for some intriguing reasons.

The judge in the case ruled that the woman who filed the suit, Lisa Jackson, "has no claim to racial discrimination" because she's white. Apparently, white people cannot be offended by racism.

Jackson tried to argue against the ruling by saying someone in her family is bi-racial, but the judge determined that even if such a thing were true, she was at best an "accidental victim" -- which may or may not be the hit follow-up song to 'Accidental Racist.'

However, the case is not completely thrown out, as Deen and her brother still have those sexual harassment charges to deal with.

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