When I read the headline of this story it infuriated me! Paula Deen now has cameras following her around and monitoring and reporting on her diet.  Do these people actually believe that they can shame her into changing her eating habits? 

It's nobody's business what Paula Deen eats, when she eats it, where she eats it and how much she is eating! Why is this a news story?  I'm talking about it because it is so wrong and I don't think people are seeing that aspect of it!

Okay, so she has been dignosed with Type 2 diabetes. Whose fault is it that she has now become the poster child for changing people's eating habits.  She's a cook. She's a celebrity. Everybody has free will. It's one thing to educate people who want to be educated, but it's another thing to have a camera on you, policing your diet. How would you like that?

Coming from a family of diabetics I KNOW that it is impossible to control what other people eat.  My mother has tried for years to control my father's diet.  She and my sister-in-law have tried to convince my brother to limit his sugar intake too.  Both my dad and brother are diabetic.  It cannot be done!  They will and do eat whatever they want to eat.  And they will continue to do so, as they have always done. 

Leave the woman alone and whatever will happen will happen!  Yes, blindness, loss of limbs, coma and death are all associated with not controlling a person's diabetes; but, it is each individual's responsibility or lack of, and it is no one elses business.  Leave Paula Dean alone!


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