Man, I wouldn't want to be on the end of this justice when it is served up!

Detroit Police are saying they don't believe this group of young attackers knew they had targeted a prominent Detroit pastor and gospel recording artist when they beat him and carjacked him Wednesday afternoon.

Rev. Marvin Winans sustained scrapes, bumps and ripped pants after the incident happened at a gas station on the northwest side of Detroit.

Three or four young men robbed him of his gray Louis Vuitton wallet containing $200, his $15,000 Rolex gold-and-diamond-encrusted watch, and his 2012 burgundy colored Infiniti QX56 SUV.

Rev. Winans says he was pumping gas at a Citgo station on Davison and Linwood when a young man approached him and "engaged in conversation about the music he had on the radio."  When the young man casually mentioned that Winans was spilling gas from his tank, the minister turned toward his SUV to look  and the young man sucker-punched him from behind and pushed him down.  Then three or four men punched and kicked him on the pavement.

Somebody said, "Roll him over", and they took his wallet.  It appears that they were all in their late teens.   He is blessed he got away with his life, so many times a carjacking doesn't end this well.

Anyone with information can call the Detroit police 10th Precinct anytime at 313-596-1000.

Can't you just see this happening, maybe to you?  Someone mentions you're spilling gas and who wouldn't turn to look?  So how do we protect ourselves from this?  Maybe not speak to anyone, not trust anyone?  I'm curious if this will change the way Pastor Winans conducts himself.  If it does, then they have won.  If he doesn't, he can fall victim again.  It's a sign of the times, isn't it.


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