Wings, ribs, chips, veggies, sliders, dips, popcorn, I could go on, but, I won't. I'm talking about what you may be eating today on Super Bowl Sunday. Delicious as it all sounds, it always seems to pretty much the same. So, why not mix it up a bit and create something new? What about Nachos? Not the regular kind, the Pasta kind.

According to the Topic Pulse, the Olive Garden has it going for Super Bowl Sunday by adding loaded pasta chips -AKA- Italian pasta nachos- to their menu. They take fresh sheets of lasagna and cut them into squares. Then, they load them up. YUM!

But wait. How are you going to watch the Super Bowl at Olive Garden? Okay, carry-out will work, but they say you can make them at home. Take homemade pasta chips and layering them with Italian cheese and meat sauce. Then you top them off with cherry peppers and a nice Alfredo drizzle on top.

Sounds delicious! I'll have to add that to my menu today.

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