We have been quarantined, so to speak, because of the pandemic for so long that we're all going just a little bit crazy. Maybe our lives are beginning to feel really boring. And, it's probably an understatement that it's getting really boring in the bedroom. What's a person to do?

Redecorate! Repaint! Put some life in the old room and some fun back into your life! However, some colors do have much more effect than others, no matter what you're looking for. So, what color would you like? It depends on what you think you need, the experts say.

According to the website Best Life Online, color can help boost many things in your life, including sex.

A survey by Travelodge found that people who painted their room a caramel color had more sex. And if you thought painting your room red would equate to more passion … yeah, not so much.

But wait, there's more. How about if you want to get more sleep? Then they say paint your room blue. People who slept in a blue room reported getting the best sleep – eight hours on average.

But then again someone may want gray walls in their bedroom. Bingo! They were more likely to spend time online shopping in bed. What fun!  And then again there are those people that really want silver paint in their bedroom. I know, but that's what the survey said. And, it said they were more likely to work out in their bedroom. Wait! Silver walls? Weird!

No matter what, spruce up the joint. You'll thank me later!


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