I love petting zoos probably as much as the kids do.  It's a wonderful opportunity to let children get up close and personal with farm animals; animals that urban dwelling kids don't normally get to see, let alone touch.

Another video that has already gone viral!  Mom is enjoying her little boy as much as her little boy is enjoying the goats.

From the looks of this video, this little one-year-old boy has so much love to give, you can just see it!  He doesn't want any of the goats to feel left out so he strategically goes around the pen from goat to goat hugging each and every one.  It is just so adorable to watch.  If you want to smile or just need a little pick me up check out this little boy, with all the goats.  Like his mom says, "Maybe he is going to grow up to be a veterinarian one day."  So much love to give....

Here are a couple petting zoos in our area...

Mary's Country Critters

Lewis Market & Petting Farm

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park

Coopersville Petting Zoo