Are you sick of needing three hands to try and fill your lawnmower with gas? Well Michigan lawmakers may have some help for you after passing legislation that would allow cans manufactured and sold in Michigan to bypass federal regulations.

Over a decade ago the EPA banned traditional gas can spouts and vents. The result has been a hodgepodge of ideas that end up being more of a puzzle than a gas can, and you're likely spilling more gas than you ever did with the 'old school' gas cans.

The Michigan legislature passed HB 4272 earlier today. West Michigan lawmaker Steve Johnson, who sponsored the bill, described it as such:

The House passed my bill, HB 4272, that clarifies that gas cans made, sold, and used in Michigan are not subject to the interstate commerce clause and therefore exempt from the EPA regulations.

These ridiculous EPA regulations have caused people to spill way more gas than ever before. A classic case of the government trying to protect the environment and having the exact opposite effect.

The bill passed with bipartisan support, 75-34. The bill is now before the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality for consideration. If adopted the new cans, and more importantly spouts, could be available as soon as Michigan manufacturers can ramp up production. Gas cans made, sold, and used in Michigan would not be subject to the interstate commerce clause under the new state law, but out of state manufacturers would still need to comply with the EPA regulations to sell in Michigan

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