If you're like me and have a stockpile of returnables in your garage, this could be a solution! A new Grand Rapids-based app will take pick up your cans and bottles and return them for you. You'll get a portion of the deposit, or you can choose to donate it to a local charity.

The app is called Sipzee and here's how it works:

1. Count your cans-- or you can use Sipzee's estimator tool if you don't want to get your hands dirty.

2. Schedule your pick up. You'll need to place your cans and bottles in an area accessible to Sipzee's returner.

3. Confirm details like how much money you'll get back and any special instructions.

4. Get paid. You'll get 5¢ for each can and bottle - sent when the returner pick up is complete. You also have the option to donate your money to local businesses, non-profits, or fundraisers that have signed up in our area.

Pretty neat, right? I feel like the line is always so long to return cans when I go to the grocery store. During the pandemic, I've been donating mine. This could be another option, and I could still choose to donate the proceeds without having to drop them off myself.

One of the apps co-founders, Bryan Stratton, shared about the app on Facebook, saying they serve most of Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.

They're also looking for returners! According to Stratton, "it's free up, you work when you want, and you get paid cash for recycling." Returners must be 16 or older. Anyone interested can sign up here.

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