A new documentary film about Gerald R. Ford has been commissioned by the Peter F. Secchia Family of Grand Rapids and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation.

Ark Media and producers Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance are writing, directing and producing the film.

"While his time in office was relatively short, America's 38th president played a significant role in the healing and revitalization of our country," said Peter Secchia, former U.S. ambassador. "Our hope is that this documentary will not only reach audiences who are unfamiliar with Gerald Ford's Presidency, but also shed a new light on the importance of his character and his decisions that determined our nation's future."

Through never-before-seen archival materials, and interviews with public leaders, historians and members and friends of the Ford family, the documentary tells the story of how Gerald Ford's character impacted decisions that helped shape and define the future of our nation and world.

"President Ford had a moral compass that guided his every decision, and he never wavered," said Red Cavaney, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation chairman. "As we all know, not every decision President Ford made was popular at the time, but popularity was not this man's goal. He took pride in the strength of his Midwestern values, which played a significant role in his presidential decision-making, as well as his life. This film will tell his story, helping people to better understand the 38th president."

Work on the film began in March and is expected to finish this fall. The film's title and release date will be announced once broadcast and distribution partners are selected.

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