Well “Nessie” had a good run in Grand Rapids, but it looks like that run has come to an end.

I’m talking about the giant sculpture of “Nessie” that’s been living in the pond outside of John Ball Zoo since it debuted in the Grand River near the Blue Bridge at the inaugural ArtPrize.

According to WOOD TV8, the sculpture is starting to fall apart and even when they made the decision to save the monster from the Grand River after ArtPrize 1 and move it to the pond neat the zoo, officials were told the art piece was already waterlogged.

WOOD TV8 says over the years the zoo has done what it could to maintain the integrity of the structure, but it’s now having negative impacts on the environment around the sculpture.

According to WOOD TV8, John Ball Zoo is working with a Michigan company and they’re going to convert the monster into a bench that will sit in the zoo’s welcome garden; just what we all hope to be after such a glorious life… a bench.

There’s no word on when the “Nessie” bench will debut at the zoo.

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