With the homeless grouping up in Grand Rapids, Mich., it was only a matter of time before they would start testing positive for COVID-19 and now 59 are positive for the virus.

According to WOOD-TV8, something that shocked health care workers at the isolation center on Division Avenue was a man who tested positive for COVID-19 just walked out the door into the public.

Another concern is this homeless man will most likely be able to transmit the virus to others for at least six more days.

According to WOOD-TV8, the man could have been detained, but was not. Director of the Community Wellness Division from the Kent County Health Department Joann Hoganson told WOOD, "We would really find it very difficult to put someone in jail for having a virus."

Other missions in Grand Rapids have been alerted so as to not allow the man into their buildings. The GRPD has also been made aware so that if first responders come into contact with him, they will know to use precautions.

72 homeless have been tested for COVID-19 with 59 testing positive.

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