If you travel north on US-131 to and from work or for any reason in the 10 Mile Road area, the right lane will remain closed for at least two days.

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Major Accident on US-131 Near Rockford

Highway closed, police directs traffic to local road.

There were a lot of flashing lights on the northbound side of US-131 this morning after a tanker hauling fuel overturned.

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I was heading southbound on US-131 and not long after passing Cedar Springs, I noticed a ton of emergency vehicles on the northbound side of the freeway. With that many emergency vehicles on hand, I knew it had to be something pretty bad.

Several emergency vehicles lined up, some with lights flashing.

There were more than your average number of firetrucks for this accident to be a normal accident. I saw the tanker that was flipped on its back and separated from the semi that had been pulling it. At that time the entire northbound lane was closed from 10 Mile road just north of Rockford.

Northbound US-131 Right Lane Closed Temporarily for Environmental Cleanup

detour - road closed

The Michigan State Police tweeted early Tuesday morning stating the northbound lane at 10 Mile Road would be closed for several hours.

Michigan State Police Lieutenant Michelle Robinson announced via the Sixth District Twitter feed about the tanker hauling fuel that turned over on US-131 early Tuesday morning. After about 4,000 gallons of gasoline had been dumped out, emergency crews were going to extract the remaining fuel from the tanker and then begin an environmental cleanup of the area where the fuel was dumped.

MSP Sixth District Twitter
MSP Sixth District Twitter

The left lane on US-131 will open sometime today but will remain closed until the cleanup is finished over the next couple of days. The current detour is to exit east on 10 Mile, head north on Northland Drive, and then head west on 14 Mile Road to return to northbound US-131.

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