I read stories like this and they just make me want to spread the word.  I hope people living in West Michigan who CAN afford vet care for their animals, will help this lady with her mission.

Sandi  is a veterinarian who is helping some people out by providing low cost medical care for their animals.  So many people in West Michigan have lost their job or have become underemployed that it has put a strain on the family finances.  Oftentimes, the first things to go are luxuries and for some people those luxuries include their once beloved pets.

Ask any shelter in our area or talk to Jennifer Stiles who oversees the Pet Pantry of Michigan and they will tell you more and more family pets are losing their home, being put out on the street, or even being surrendered to shelters, because people believe they can no longer provide food and basic care.

That's where Dr.  Srtandberg has stepped in to fill that gap.  She has so generously arranged it so most of her services for the animals cost well under $50 dollars, in addition she is providing free or low cost spay/neuter vouchers as well.  Sure the wait may be a couple hours but it's well worth it for a loving companion, who is there with you in the good times and the bad.

60% of her clients are living at the poverty level and although she stepped out on faith to implement this program she did it because she said she knew that this is what God wanted her to do.

Please, please please if you want to learn more or can support this wonderful woman's Pay It Forward Outreach please do so.  The world needs more caring and pro-active people like Dr. Sandi Standberg.  Thank you Fox 17 WXMI for finding this feel good animal story.