Miley Cyrus smoking weed is pretty annoying for everyone who realizes it's actually not that big of a deal, nor is it rebellious or unique or badass. But apparently Miley Cyrus' marijuana use still bothers some people, so much that they actually quit their own jobs over it. What happened?

The Angel Management Company is in charge of Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas -- and they dropped Beacher's Madhouse when the club wouldn't stop Cyrus from lighting up joints at on the property.

“Miley was freely smoking weed at one point in the club and when we tried to interject, we were told by Beacher’s staff that it was fine,” a rep for Angel Management told Radar Online. “We wanted to remove Miley from the property that night, and they wouldn’t let us.”

Cyrus was on hand to host a party at the Las Vegas hotspot, which also has a venue in West Hollywood that's more liberal with substance use. However, Sin City is actually pretty strict about drugs, so Cyrus' behavior was extra risky for the club.

“We simply cannot endorse any drug use that is allowed at the club,” the spokesperson added. “Drug use is not tolerated in Vegas and the Gaming Commission can take away the gambling license for the entire hotel if someone is caught at Beacher’s doing drugs. It’s not worth our reputation.”

A rep for Beacher's Madhouse denied the claims, but confirmed that they're no longer working with Angel Management Company. But where there's (pot) smoke, there's probably fire. Or at least a bowl.

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