He's baaack. Justin Bieber issued his first post-arrest tweet, and the digital transmission was quite a declaration. It turns out Twitter was on fire as the news of his arrest traveled, generating four million tweets.

His first tweet of freedom was delivered in all caps, so the Biebs was hollering at us, saying that Beliebers need to be strong, that God is with 'em and the fans changed his life.

The tweet is below:

The tweet received hundreds of thousands of RTs and well over 175,000 favorites as of press time. Beliebers are a FORCE.

Speaking of tweets, well, Bieber's much-discussed arrest was responsible for four million tweets in a 24-hour period. It yielded more tweets per minute than Beyonce's surprise album, which dropped last month overnight while we were sleeping with no advance warning and no pre-promotion.

According to Billboard, Bey's album, at its highest volume of conversation, topped out at 5,300 tweets per minute. At its apex, the Biebs' arrest yielded 6,100 tweets per minute, so yeah, it was a hot topic.

The top three hashtags during the day? Well, it's interesting, since it shows the love and hate that Bieber inspires! Looks like there is way more love than derision.

1. #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin (596,783)
2. #FreeBieber (138,304)
3. #DeportBieber (86,842)

Slightly off topic, but doesn't the platinum blonde in the lower left hand corner of the release photo above look like Christina Aguilera, who once famously snubbed Da Biebs?

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