It's a new era of Cola Wars. Scarlett Johansson is the new brand ambassador for SodaStream, the company that sells make-your-own soda kits. She filmed her first commercial for the brand, and it was for the 2014 Super Bowl. Talk about a big debut… or not!

Fox rejected the ad because of a simple utterance that spills from the actress' famously pouty lips, and the spot can't run unless its edited.

In the spot, Scar Jo says, "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi." Both cola giants are sponsors and advertisers, so their smaller competitor got the heave-ho because of that phrase. Pepsi sponsors halftime, so Fox had to step in. SodaStream was asked to remove that line from the commercial.

According to USA Today, CEO Daniel Birnbaum was incensed, since most advertising mentions competitors. But he said the company will ditch the sentence because it has no choice at this point. It's not like they can get a refund. But he did suggest that Fox is afraid of Pepsi and Coke since they are giants of the soft drink industry.

Before people go nuts over a shapely actress promoting sugary soft drinks, SodaStream says it's different since it's homemade, so not only is it a fun, family activity, but it generates less bottle and can waste. It also has less sugar than the popular brands.

"It was a natural partnership because I've been using SodaStream for five or six years," Scar Jo said in the behind-the-scenes footage, revealing she found the production on her own.

Scar Jo likes carbonation, but hated the waste of bottles. She sipped diet grapefruit soda on the set and said she doesn't feel guilty about being a SodaStream devotee.

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