Tuesday, as we exercised our American right to vote, we also chose our Michigan right to drink. Apparently, quite a bit according to Google.

Did you find yourself making an emergency booze run on Election Night?  So did everyone else.

According to Google, the number of searches for "liquor stores near me" hit an all-time high on Tuesday night.  And for people looking for other forms of comfort, "fries near me" also hit an all-time high.

Michigan was in the top ten for the booze search, which is strange to me, as I assumed everyone in our state knows exactly where the liquor stores are.

I know that's where our neighborhood gathers, 'Hey, Rob, how's things going? Good? I see you have TWO fifths of gin today, feeling a little stressed?'

So this stat is startling from the stand point that a lot of people who have never drank before suddenly BEGAN drinking! Yikes!

The 10 states where the most people were searching for alcohol were:  Rhode Island . . . New Hampshire . . . Massachusetts . . . Connecticut . . . Vermont . . . Michigan . . . Ohio . . . Delaware . . . Arkansas . . . and New York.

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