It is crazy to think that just 12 years ago, smoking indoors was still legal in Michigan.

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Remember the days of going into a restaurant and being asked by a host if you preferred smoking or non-smoking seating? How about lighting up at a bar? I can't even imagine doing that now, but there is still some confusion when it comes to smoking outside in Michigan.

It is illegal in Michigan to smoke tobacco of any kind in Michigan State Parks, and that does include trails and playgrounds too. Smoking is not allowed on any school property in Michigan either. Can you believe smoking used to be allowed in schools at all? I do remember walking by the teacher's lounge in middle school and seeing a majority of the staff smoking.

Did you know that it is illegal to smoke outside on a hotel balcony in Michigan? It is. That is not to say that some hotels may look the other way, but if someone complains you will be asked to butt it - or maybe even worse, be asked to leave.

I doubt the 'Smoke Police' will be searching state parks and hotel balconies for smokers, but this is still good information to have. It would blow to be at a Michigan State Park this summer with your family and get popped for sucking on a cigarette. More often than not you would be asked to put it out, but you may also get hit with a fine too.

The more you know.

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