If you're going to hold people up at knife point, it's probably best not to have a successful TikTok feed.

The FBI was able to track and catch a man accused of armed-robbery thanks to his viral TikTok posts.

On December 1st of 2021, a man wearing a black hoodie, ski mask, and white shoes with red accents robbed a 7-Eleven in Dearborn, Michigan. Police say over the next two months three more robberies were committed by a suspect fitting a similar description.

An anonymous tip led investigators to a TikTok account named “ChozenWrld,” where the accounts owner, 22-year-old Chozen Terrell-Hannah, fit the description reported by some of the victims.


The FBI was brought in to take over the investigation from Dearborn police and they made several connections between the robber and Terrell-Hannah: in several of the videos he was wearing the same shoes worn by the robber and he had his hair dyed pinkish-purple, just as some witnesses reported.

Investigators began surveilling Terrell-Hannah and got a search warrant for the location data on his phone, which confirmed he was at all four robbery locations at the time of the incidents.

When they raided Terrell-Hannah’s home last week, they found more evidence linking him to the crimes.

When questioned, Terrell-Hannah admitted to all four robberies. I’m sure when he was racking up those views on his TikTok dance videos he never thought they’d lead to his downfall.

He's a great dancer, he's just not real good at being a criminal, which is probably a great thing for the rest of us.


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