Michigan now outpaces Oregon for ganja related employment.

The legalization of marijuana in Michigan has resulted in more than just a tasty array of products, it has meant more jobs for a struggling economny.

The pandemic didn't slow down the state's newest adult recreational activity, as jobs in marijuana sales and cultivation doubled last year.

The marijuana trade site Leafly gave its annual report on jobs in the weed industry, and it reports that nationally there are now over 321,000 jobs in cannabis.

The report revealed that the early stages of legal recreational weed has been fruitful for employment in Michigan:

Michigan doubled its legal cannabis workforce in a single year. There are now more cannabis workers than cops in Michigan. In a state known for its auto industry, the number of cannabis workers is now roughly equal to the number of auto repair mechanics. Michigan’s first adult-use marijuana stores opened in Dec. 2019, and that new customer base drove 2020 sales to more than double Michigan’s 2019 medical-only revenue, from $420 million to $990 million.


Cannabis jobs 18,078


Jobs added in 2020 9,216


2020 cannabis sales $990 million

That growth may stabilize over the next few years, as Oregon, one of the early adapters to legal pot has evened out its growth. Michigan has surpassed Oregon in total jobs with 18,078 to Oregon's 17,981

In 2020, Americans purchased $18.3 billion worth of cannabis products, a 71% increase over 2019.

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