It's been exactly a month since Michigan's casinos were allowed to launch their online gambling apps, and Michiganders are still very excited about gambling from their own homes.

The casinos are also very excited about online gambling and have already raked in a combined $115 million between 11 casinos across the state.

Michiganders have been very vocal on social media about their love of online gambling and has tracked tweets, hashtags, and other online trending data to determine that we love online gambling more than any other state.  The data showed that Michiganders were on social media promoting online gambling more than any other state, but that data should be a bit biased because we are the state that most recently allowed online gambling. posted an article saying that "More than 110,000 tweets with hashtags like #onlinegambling, #onlinebetting, #onlinebets, #onlinecasino, #mobilebetting, #mobilegambling and #onlinebets and phrases like “online gambling,” and “mobile sports betting,” were tracked."

Top 5 States Interested In Online Gambling and Sports Betting

  1. Michigan
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. Nevada
  4. New Jersey
  5. Colorado

Michigan broke records with online gambling and sports booking revenue and claimed the title for highest first month revenue.  And that was with only 10 days of gambling since the apps didn't officially launch until January 22nd.

And remember, if you have a problem with gambling, there are resources available.  The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has a helpline as well as online support.

The Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline

The Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline is a toll-free, confidential, one-on-one helpline that can give you the help and support you need to overcome a gambling addiction. Trained, experienced counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Helpline is available to Michigan residents only.

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