Michigan is rich with paranormal activity, and some of it may just give you a sleepless night when the wind starts to howl, and the chill of the air touches your bones.

"From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!"

-Author Unknown, Traditional Scottish Prayer

The legend of these children is truly horrifying. Late at night, generally during the "witching hour," you are startled awake by a harsh knock on your door. When you peek out, you see two or three small children with their heads down. Being a person, you open the door because you are concerned for their safety, but you regret it because instantly you sense fear, your fear. They tell a story of being lost, or of needing help, so you allow them into your house. Once they are in your home they look at you...that is when the terror truly hits your heart...their eyes are completely black, often described as resembling oil slicks with no white. There have been reports that the children don't stay long, but after they leave strange and awful things happen. People have reported mysterious health issues, pets being killed, and an uneasy feeling of being watched.

Think they won't knock on your door? A 26 year old named David encountered a group of BEK's at The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, located along Lake Michigan, back in 2010. You can read his complete tale at GhostTheory, here's but a taste of this camper's horror,

"Help us,” an unmistakable voice said.

I couldn’t help it. It was a gut reaction. I screamed. I lay naked, my mummy bag zipped up to my chin. I was completely helpless. I felt like a newborn baby, my fate completely held in the hands of others.

“Please let us in.”
“No,” I screeched, and then again, “no!”
“It’s so cold. Please let us in, Mr.”

I stopped replying and could only sob."


Answer the door if you dare...

Sometimes the moon or a street light will cast a shadow upon your wall and your heart stops for second...what is that..you feel relief you realize it's just a shadow...but was it just a shadow or was it a shadow person? According to Michigan's Otherside, here are the traits of a shadow person...

1. A dark, human shaped, shadowy body. Usually gives off a “male” presence and is sometimes reported as having red, glowing eyes. Sometimes they are reported wearing a cloak/cape and a brimmed hat.

2. Appearing at the foot of a person’s bed at night and intensely staring.

3. They typically do not try and communicate but seem to have an intelligence about them.

4. Showing up at supposed haunted locations, especially cemeteries. Also reports of them in wooded areas have gone back for centuries.

5. Many people report seeing these figures in their peripheral vision.

6. Having feelings of fear and panic when a shadow person is nearby.

Also, it is notable that shadow people are not ghosts, they are their own entity, and one that is not good.

Sighting of "Shadow People" have been reported in Michigan including in Saugatuck, at The Dorr E. Felt Mansion. The mansion has a rich history, it was built in 1925 by a man named Dorr Felt. Originally called "Shore Acres", he built the 25 room home for his wife Agnes. Unfortunately, right after the couple moved into the home, Agnes tragically died. It was only a year and a half later that Dorr died. Over the years there have been many reports of haunting in the mansion, Haunted Places to Go reported,

"It is believed that since their time to enjoy the estate was limited in life, that they enjoy it together in the afterlife. These are believed to be kindred spirits that are not out to frighten anyone. It is believed that they simply work to enjoy what they looked forward to, but that they understand that they must share it with others as well!"

Which sounds sweet until I read this review on haunted.org by a woman named Kathy Dean...

"My daughter and I went through the mansion one day, not knowing a thing about it. When we went to leave the wives bedroom the door was shut and locked. We tried it several times. We started to panic. We tried it one more time and it opened right away. It was several weeks later that I was googling haunted places in MI when I saw the Felt Mansion! It said that Agnes would lock people out of her bedroom…but we got locked in instead!"

If that doesn't make the hairs on the back of you neck stand up, lets get back to the the "Shadow People" that have been seen at the mansion. Michigan'sOtherside shared other man's terror,

"I personally have experienced Shadow People at the Felt Mansion in Saugatuck, Michigan. What we saw that night was unexplainable and caused chills to run up and down everyone that witnessed the strangeness that night. "

You may not feel safe staying in the mansion, but being alone outside at night may be worse....

The first sightings of "Melonheads" or "Wobbleheads" happened in the 1970s.  It was rumored that children with hydrocephalus where housed at Junction Insane Asylum, that was located near the mansion and they endured extreme abuse. Over time they became crazed and the staff released them to live in the woods. One night, they not only killed the Doctor that hurt them but chopped up his body and hide the body in the woods surrounding the mansion. It is said that some the kids grew up and continue to live in the woods. Stories of this crime are still told often, Wikipedia wrote...

"Rumors exist that teenagers who had broken into the mansion saw ghosts of the children and claimed to see shadows of the doctor's murder through the light coming from an open door."

If that is not enough to scare you of the woods, listen to this...


This creature dwells in the forests around Cadillac, and was first spotted in 1887. It is said that the beast appears every 10 years and here is what you need to look for. The "Dogman" is a seven foot tall animal with the torso of man and the rest of the body is a dog, with blue or amber eyes and walks upright. It should be noted that the "Dogman" does not howl but screams like a man. Wikipedia reports a horrific story regarding the "Dogman"...

"In 1938 in Paris, Michigan, Robert Fortney was attacked by five wild dogs and said that one of the five walked on two legs. Reports of similar creatures also came from Allegan County in the 1950s, and in Manistee and Cross Village in 1967."

Books have been written about the creature including "The Beast of Bray Road", by Linda S. Godfrey. And old film footage has been discovered with the "Dogman" on it but after many years of debate "The Gable Film" has been dubbed as a hoax. I believe it, judge for yourself, you will see him or should I say it at the end of the video.

Believe the legends or don't, we just hope you sleep well knowing all this now....

What legends and creatures scare or intrigue you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

Bonus Video - The Legend of Hatchet Man Road

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