There's no doubt it has been generally cool, cloudy and rainy for the spring and now heading into the summer season. But if you think it's been gloomy, you are right, but not just the past few months. In fact, It has been gloomy for an entire twelve months stretch in Michigan.

According to WOOD-TV, every single month dating back to July 2018 has had below average sunshine. But the last three months have been especially gloomy, with May being one of the most cloudy in history for that month.

So far this month, we've had 49% of possible sunshine. The average for June is 61%. We had the 3rd cloudiest May ever with just 36% sunshine. Average for May is 56%. We had only half of average sunshine in February and less than 1/3rd of average sunshine (just 9%) last November. Every month since last July has been cloudier than average. - Meteorologist Bill Steffen

Well, that's depressing.

It sure feels like a cooler than normal summer is what awaits us. And if the skies keep staying cloudy more than normal, this might not be the summer we hoped for after an epic winter left us ready for some sunshine and heat. Let's hope that things take a turn for the better by the time we get to July.



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