Michigan is ranked above Michigan State in the College Playoff Rankings released Tuesday, making Sparty fans moan about disrespect. Well, here's a way to earn it.

Spartan and Wolverine fans love to complain about their programs online. Usually the talk revolves around respect. State fans feel like their always the underdog, having to take a backseat to Michigan and their arrogant boosters.

There may be some truth to that, as this week, for the second week in a row, the Spartans are ranked seventh in the College Football Playoff rankings, one slot BELOW Michigan, who they defeated 37-33 in head to head competition back on October 30. The Wolverines are ranked sixth.

But here's the thing about sports: talk means nothing. The Spartans can earn a HUGE dose of respect this Saturday at noon in Columbus, Ohio.

If MSU can defeat Ohio State in the horseshoe in Columbus this week, tons of respect will come their way.

And if they go on to  defeat Penn State at home the following week, they will most certainly get into the playoffs, I guarantee it. If they don't, then you have a legitimate right to bitch.

As for Wolverine fans, you can whine all you want about how the calls went against you back on October 30, but if you don't beat Ohio State in Ann Arbor on November 27, it really doesn't matter. (Oh, and don't overlook a pretty good Maryland team this weekend either!)

Shut up, and beat Ohio State, and all your problems are solved.

Maryland v Michigan State
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And what if both teams win both games? I think they should both be in the playoffs.

And how cool would a Michigan vs. Michigan State national championship game be?

It could happen. But you have to beat Ohio State. Shut those dumb Buckeye fans and their dumb costumes up, and the world is yours.

What do you say, Spartans? Wolverines? Let's be friends for now and have a rematch in Indianapolis on January 10.

Michigan v Penn State
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