Saw this last night on WZZM and wanted to share with you.

Mel Trotter Ministries just opened a new day center and updated/expanded food pantry in downtown GR, right behind their headquarters on Division in a former tire warehouse.

The new day center will provide an area for 100 homeless people to spend time in, instead of at businesses or parks.  And the food pantry added a refrigerated room for meat, dairy and produce re-packaging.

If you'd like to tour the new facility, they're having an open house today and tomorrow from 9a-4:30p and you can find more info by CLICKING HERE.

From WZZM 13's interview with Dennis VanKampen, VP of Programs at Mel Trotter - "Once breakfast was over, they had no place to go in the community, except the parks or the businesses, or the library," says Dennis VanKampen. "This was a concept that was dreamed to further our ministry, with the homeless and give them a place to go but also to network with other resources in the community, so the can get jobs, find homes and not be homeless anymore."

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