The way we get our groceries continues to change and Meijer is bringing another option to all of their stores this summer.

Meijer launched the first testing of their "Shop & Scan" program in November at stores in Standale, Rockford, Walker, Grandville, Jenison and two stores in Holland.

The program allows shoppers to use an app to scan bar codes and bag their items as they shop. Once you complete your purchases using Shop & Scan, you scan your phone at a self-checkout lane and pay before leaving.

This seems like a great option for when you are in a hurry, especially if there are checkouts reserved for Shop & Scan shoppers. We're probably not too far off from this becoming the most common way people shop for groceries.

Meijer says the app has been downloaded 12,000 times since its launch in November. They will begin rolling out Shop & Scan at more stores in the coming weeks. Shop & Scan will be available at all 235 Meijer stores by the end of summer.

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