I can’t even begin to tell you how excited this made me when I saw the article in MLive;  Meijer is going to start doing home delivery here in West Michigan!  I feel like we’re EVEN closer to me being able to get Chipotle or Qdoba to deliver burritos.  I also feel like I’ll never wait in a super long check-out line again!

According to the story on MLive.com, Meijer will start home delivery later this month through a company called Shipt, from 14 of their stores in the West Michigan area.

Yes, it will cost extra, but if you pay for Amazon Prime… then this membership through Shipt won’t be that bad.  MLive says the cost will be around $99 a year – or you can pay a monthly fee (which will probably add up quickly to more than $99 a year...) - BUT if you spend over $35, they’ll deliver your stuff; and if you’re like me, $35 is just a normal," hey I need bread… and all this other stuff," trip to the store.

Also apparently if the store you order from is open 24 hours a day, then Shipt will deliver your groceries or whatever you buy, 24 hours a day.

The MLive article says the following stores will start off offering delivery:

Algoma Township (Rockford)
Solon Township (Cedar Springs)
Knapp's Corner
Alpine (Comstock Park)
28th Street and Kalamazoo
Gaines Township

If you live in Holland or Zeeland, keep the faith, because I guess you’re next for the delivery service, before the end of the year (fingers crossed.)


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