At this point, you'll never have to leave your house!

Since Meijer teamed up with Shipt for their home delivery service, it has had much success... not only in Michigan but in the other states it serves as well. Now, another one of your favorite stores will be offering the service.

Target announced on Wednesday in a news release that they have acquired Shipt for $550 million cash. The retailer says that by early 2018 Shipt will be offered in half of its stores around the country; and before the holidays next year it will be at the majority of their locations.

At launch, Target will offer same-day delivery of groceries, essentials, home, electronics and other products...

By 2019, all of their categories will be a part of their delivery service.

So what does this mean for Shipt & Meijer? Nothing you need to worry about! Shipt will still work with Meijer and also plans on expanding their partnerships to bring people same-day home-delivery service.

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