Meijer is supporting local restaurants as well as its frontline employees this holiday season.

Fox17 reported that Meijer announced that through Christmas Day, they will distribute four meals to each of its workers, catered by local restaurants. This is huge! Not only for each employee who will be getting free meals, but for the local restaurants who have been hurt big time due to shut-downs caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.

They say the effort aims to bolster local restaurants that have struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic. The staggering figure is that more than 250,000 meals are expected to be granted to Meijer employees.

The Meijer folks say that, of course, they remain a family-owned Midwestern company, and they know that communities are built around local businesses. Meijer CEO Rick Keyes said, “these meals not only show our support of our team members, but also of the local businesses our communities depend upon.”

“It was a huge boost for us,” says the owner of Timothy’s Restaurant, Chef Timothy Sizer. “I was able to bring in three extra people to help prepare the meals on a day we wouldn’t normally be open.”

Meijer said they began the program on Thanksgiving, and as stated, will continue the effort through Christmas Day.

Way to go Meijer!


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