Maria looked beautiful on the final taping of Oprah Winfrey Show (airing one day next week).  And that happened to be the place and the time that Arnold chose to call Maria and tell her this whole "lust child" story was about to break in the media.  First time she heard anything about it, by the way.

When I did Take Five & Company yesterday with Stephanie Webb  and Catherine Behrendt we were talking about this story.  All of us saw it a little differently.  I, for one, think she probably should have seen this coming.  I mean he admited to groping.  How much further behind is infidelity.  This is one transgression that is unforgiveable.  I mean, if he or she is not enough, "Get Out" and start your life anew.  You can't have it all Arnold, just in case no one informed you of that!