Oak wilt disease is a serious problem for oak trees in Michigan. The disease can spread rapidly and kill trees within just a few weeks.

A new map gives a closer look at exactly where oak wilt disease has been found in West Michigan, specifically in Kent, Ottawa and Muskegon counties.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says the best way to prevent oak wilt is to not prune or injure your trees from April 15 – July 15. We are at the end of the highest-risk period for oak trees in Michigan, but it is still a good idea to be aware of how to protect your trees and what to watch for all year.

We shared this Michigan-wide map from the Michigan DNR showing oak wilt disease locations in May. The Michigan DNR has provided us with a more detailed look at where oak wilt disease has been found locally.

Use the new map as a guide, but it's important to note you should watch closely for the disease even if it is not in your neighborhood.

Phillip Kurzeja of the Michigan DNR tells us, "Due to the way this disease is spread if you live in an area of the state anywhere near a confirmed site one should take every precaution possible regardless of if it's on your street or not."

Michigan DNR
Michigan DNR

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