There are several areas across Michigan, including in Kent and Ottawa counties, where oak wilt has been reported and confirmed. See where oak wilt has been found in West Michigan and learn what you can do to protect your trees.

The Michigan DNR's interactive oak wilt map shows several problem areas throughout Kent, Ottawa and Muskegon counties, especially along the lakeshore. It's an even bigger problem in parts of northern Michigan.

The Michigan DNR says the highest risk of oak wilt disease occurs between April 15 and November 15. The best way to avoid oak wilt is by not pruning or injuring oak trees until they have lost leaves for the winter. If you can't avoid pruning, immediately cover the spots that have been cut with a tree-wound paint or latex-based paint.

Some oaks are more susceptible to the disease than others. Red oaks are the most likely to become infected. Red oak leaves have pointed tips. This includes black oak, northern red oak and northern pin oak. White oak trees, which have rounded leaf edges, are less likely to become infected. This includes both white oak and swamp white oak.

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