When Jay Bradford lost his wedding ring in the middle of the ocean on December 12, his hopes of finding it looked grim. But just four days later, he was able to find it with help from a diver and a GPS.

When Jay and Megan Bradford were married in June 2015, Jay received a Tungsten wedding ring. Even though the ring itself is nearly indestructible, it slipped off of Jay's finger during a fishing excursion on December 12. Bradford was pulling an anchor in when the ring slipped off. He told the Asbury Park Press, ""My hand hit the bow rail and the ring came up off my knuckle. The ring slid off, hit the tow rail and went into the water."

When Megan Bradford heard the news, she was devastated. “I nearly threw up. I wasn’t worried about the cost of the ring I was more concerned with what it meant and what it symbolized.”

Four days later, Jay Bradford, Captain Nick Barsa, and salvage diver Mark Thompson returned to the exact spot of the incident using GPS technology. Luckily for Jay, the diver was able to find the ring in less than 10 minutes.

"When they found it I was ecstatic, I was amazed," Meagan said. "I nicknamed Nick 'Capt. St. Nicholas,' for this time of year because these two did perform a Christmas miracle for us to have that ring back."

With that amount of good fortune, they should all invest in lottery tickets! You can check out the full story in the video below.

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