Well, today is an exciting day for me.  Rebecca Gohl & Audrey Depenbrok are stopping by my house this afternoon for a 1950's photo shoot.  My house is adorably retro.  Not that kitchy retro, but real honest to goodness retro.  I haven't changed the house since I moved in.  Some of the features include a Built In The Wall Toaster, the double stove with pull out burners that appeared on the Bewitched TV Show, and a Built In The Wall 1949 Zenith radio that has been converted to be a clock radio.  I just adored the couple who lived in this house since the day it was built.  Their warmth still brightens my home. George took such care to make everything easier for his wife Virginia.  I am happy I can keep the tradition going and keep the house as they intended it to be.

But to do a 1950s photo shoot complete with hair and make up from the 50's, well I needed some REAL cupcakes to take out of the oven.  No fake stuff for me.  So here is Cupcakes and Kim...with drippy, gooey buttercream frosting and all. YUM!