The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk happens this Saturday morning at Rosa Parks Circle.  Registration begins at 8am and the walk starts at 9am.  I'll be hosting the walk with Emily Richett from Fox 17 News.  We have hosted together now for the last 5 years.  It's not too late to sign up at   Emily's grandma battled breast cancer and my sister in law and my best friend also battled it and won!  Whenever I look out into the crowd of Breast Cancer Survivors/Walkers I see a vast amount of women and men of all ages.  But when I think of Breast Cancer itself,  Sheila Wright's face is not the one I expect to see.

Sheila Wright is 32, young, beautiful and in the prime of her life.  Last year she underwent a double mastectomy.  She did everything right.  She did everything that we are told to do.  She did breast exams at home, she had yearly mammograms, even as a 2o something girl she started on mammograms.  She was diligent because she and her sister lost their 32 year old mother to breast cancer.   Sheila eventually took the Breast Cancer DNA test and she even turned up negative for the breast cancer gene; yet, she discovered a lump and was ultimately diagnosed with breast cancer.

So how did this happen to 32 years old Sheila Wright?  Where does she find the inner strength, while currently going through chemo and radiation treatments, to share her story with me?  He goal is to help just one woman, one person.  She wants to know that her fight is not in vain and to somehow save just one life.  She wants to share her story with purpose.

Sheila is fighting the fight just like the real life warrior she was before , and always will be.   Sheila's story will change someone's life.  I promise.  Stay tuned!  Follow Sheila's Story Here... The American Cancer Society can point you to ways to get breast cancer screenings if you cannot afford one 800-227-2345