Maybe you thought the same thing when you read this headline, "What is a blow dry bar?" Well, I was reading an article about this new place on Rapid Growth Media's website and it piqued my interest.

It sounds like an interesting concept.  The article talked about reintroducing that time when women used to get their hair washed and styled every week.  When I read that, I thought to myself yes, I remember going to the salon every week with my mom and sitting there waiting for her while all the other pretty women were getting their hair washed, cut and styled, some just getting their hair washed, curled and styled. It was a very social environment and something has been lost over the years.  I'm sure each stylist heard all the juicy gossip and knew who was doing what with whom.

BANG Blow Dry Bar wants to bring all that good stuff back!  BANG is located at 3 Oakes St. SE, between The Pyramid Scheme and Mos Eisley's Tattoos.  They will specialize in shampooing and blow-drys styling in an hour or less, and they will also offer cuts, color, perms, full makeup and makeup touch-ups for men and women.   Owner and stylist Lindsey Norton says she wants to bring back the weekly hair do appointment.

It sort of reminds me of the retro 1950's cover I did for Women's Lifestyle Magazine a while back.  Rebecca Gohl did my hair, make up and dressed me and Kelli Wiseman, the photographer captured everything.  In the photo session Rebecca who lives in the 1950's, she doesn't play the part, she dresses it and lives it 24 hours a day, shared with me how women have lost something by not continuing with these weekly hair appointments.  It does something to a girls mind, body and soul.  I agree!  So next time you need a little pick me up, Bang in the Heartside district can now provide for you!  There's something about getting your hair done up, a little or a lot, that just makes you feel pretty!