Life is hard. That's why you've got to have things to look forward to, like vacation. I've been on a roll finding you some of the best Airbnb's and Vrbo's in Michigan. This house has so many beds, it's unbelievable.

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The Luxurious Airbnb Near Lake Michigan

The Primrose is absolutely incredible because it has double everything. You want an Airbnb that has a hot tub? Cool, this one has two.

Are you worried about too much traffic in one bathroom? Well, you're not going to have to worry at this place because it has six bathrooms and some of them have double shower heads.

There's also seven bedrooms but do you want to take a guess as to how many beds there are? Twenty-two beds. We might as well call the owner of this place, Oprah. Handing out beds right and left like, "You get a bed and you get a bed."

Jorge via
Jorge via

You're probably like who needs twenty-two beds? Well, a large group of people, duh. Maybe you're looking for the perfect spot for a family reunion or a bachelorette/bachelor party. The Primrose is perfect!

Guess what, we haven't even gotten to all of the fun stuff yet! This house also features a recreation area with a pool table, ping pong and kids toys.

Jorge via
Jorge via

Outside there are two different patios with fireplaces and a large pool to kick back and relax in. Don't forget, I said there's two hot tubs too!

Everyone who's stayed at the Primrose has been so impressed with their stay that it's received five stars. Here's what one its guests had to say;

A world-class AirBnB, period. Can’t wait to stay here again. Group of 26 was more than comfortable and completely adored this place. An incredible space!

Here's more information about booking the Primrose.

The Luxurious Airbnb Near Lake Michigan

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