Little Caesars Arena in Detroit will open its doors for the first time in September with a bunch of Kid Rock concerts. The Detroit Red Wings will open at Little Caesars Arena in October.

Whether your seat is a good one or not you should have a good view as Little Caesars Arena will be home to the largest seamless center-hung video system in the world.

The Red Wings announced the details of the scoreboard on Monday.

The scoreboard will allow video to completely wrap around the screen connecting all four sides. Each side measures about 28 feet high by 43.5 feet wide. It will be over 13,500 square feet with a total of more than 16.5 million LEDs.

Got a good seat that leaves you too close to see the scoreboard? That's fine too. There will be four under-mount displays for those who are sitting close. Each will measure about 7 feet high by 9.5 feet wide. The photo gives a good look at how it's going to be set up and it looks pretty nice.

Is it the biggest screen in the world? No. Not even close. You'll need to look at bigger stadiums and other unique venues for the biggest, but when you compare it to other indoor arena wrap-around screens, the screen at Little Caesars Arena should provide a great experience.

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