Mr. Fables is gone, but that doesn't mean you can't make their famed olive burger at home. 

Mr. Fables was a chain of cafeteria restaurants that dotted the West Michigan landscape through 2000 when the last one officially closed its doors.

Mr. Fables was known for its Olive Burger, which was their best selling burger and satisfied the hunger of thousands of GR residents.

Several restaurants have tried to replicate the famed Olive Burger, among them Mr. Burger and the Winchester.

But now you can make the fabled Olive Burger at home.

Here's a guy who just posted his take on the Olive Burger and how to make it, and I'm not sure how it tastes. Yet. But I'm going to try it soon.

And if you want other ideas on how to make it -- apparently there are tons of recipes online.


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