Every four years February gets an extra day and that means we can get some deals and even free stuff.

According to WZZM, February will have an extra day and this happens every presidential election and before the summer Olympics. This is all due to keeping our calendar in sync with how the Earth travels around the sun.

Last time we had leap day happening on a Saturday was back in 1992.

Retailers are getting in on the action providing deals to consumers as well as even some free stuff here and there.

Here is what some retailers are offering:

  • Participating 7-Elevens are offering whole pizzas on Saturday for $2.29.
  • Olive Garden are offering free Dolicinis to those born on February 29. The Italian eatery will also offer Take Home entrees all day February 29th for only $2.29.
  • Miller Lite will give everyone a free case of beer on the 29th. Just nab the QR code from the Instagram and Twitter pages. You do have to jump through a hoop on this one by submitting a receipt that will be refunded to your Paypal account. But hey, its a free case of beer!
  • Krispy Kreme plan to celebrate by sending free doughnuts to hospitals, health professionals and parents of Leap Day babies located within 10 miles of its participating stores.
  • Stella Artois has a $366,000 beer fund you can get a piece of by sharing the company's post on Facebook or Twitter

I'm sure there are more companies locally and nationally doing deals this Saturday so you may want to check your favorite places to shop and dine for the deals.

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