The changing weather and storms we've had over the past few days are having an effect on Lake Michigan today.  High wind gusts are creating large waves and leading experts to caution against swimming and boating in Lake Michigan.

Waves on Lake Michigan are running 3-5 feet.  The biggest waves are reaching 6 feet today. has more:

Gusts up to 30 knots (just under 35 mph) are expected, with waves building to 3-5 feet during the day, said Bob Dukesherer, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids.

Winds could even reach gale force — 35 mph or more — north of Grand Haven, with waves topping out around 6 feet, Dukesherer said.

"We are going to have a high risk of dangeorus swimming conditions (Monday)," Dukesherer said.

The weather service also issued a small craft advisory along the lakeshore for today and tonight, meaning boating conditions are unsafe.

These aren't the biggest waves we'll see on Lake Michigan, but it's still fun to visit the beach any time the waves get bigger.  Just remember, large waves like this are best enjoyed from the shore.


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