A few weeks back I did a photo shoot at my house.  Catch the entire process of the transformation this Sunday morning between 7 and 7:30am during the WZZM13 Weekend Morning News with Jennifer Pascua and Aaron Ofseyer.  Rebecca Gohl, here in Grand Rapids lives the life of a 1950's housewife 24/7.  Her photographer, Kelli Wiseman from Clever Creations Photography, knows how to beautifully shoot "Pin Up Photos" that bear a striking resemblance to the gorgeous photos of the era.    The beautiful Vintage Dress I wear is courtesy of Perri at Flashback located at 450 Leonard NW.

Since the photo shoot so many people have asked me if I brought in any props?  No, I didn not.  Do I really have that stove and it really works?  Do I actually have a toaster that is built into the wall?  Did I REALLY make those cupcakes from scratch.  The answer to all the questions is yes.  I really do live in a house that looks like that.  The next question is always, "Where did you find it?  How did you find it?  I believe George & Virginia waanted me to have their house.  It waited for me:)  I live in a great little neighborhood in the SE area of Grand Rapids.  George and Virginia lived in my beautiful house for close to 54 years.  They never had any children, just like me.  She was an artist and he an engineer. When Virginia passed away in 2003 I purchased this home, changing nothing!   I can tell George was the kind of husband that wanted to give his wife every luxury of the day.I told my boss a few days ago I wanted to marry George in my next life if I ever have one.  I love this guy and I haven't even met him;)  The old fridge had a butter warmer in in so you could easily spread butter on your toast each morning.  No one in the country could repair it.  I bet if I knew The Geek Group then, someone there could have fixed it for me.  There is a trash compactor, a beautiful double "Bewitched" oven, a dishwasher, the closets are all set up with a light that comes on when you open them.  I am guessing so he wouldn't have to turn the ceiling light on when he was dressing for work.  The house also has a built in the wall toaster, central vacuum, central radio in all the rooms of the house with intercom, psychedelic lights in the recessed ceiling and even a 1949 Zenith radio built into the wall that also has been converted to be a clock radio with one of those old fashioned light timers.

Sorry Virginia, but I am in love with George!  His style, his class, his workmanship is seen throughout the home, long after he had left .  He was an engineer by trade and Virginia, his wife, was an artist.  They never had any kids.   I love this teeny tiny little place:-)  Oh, and before I go, "Would you like a cupcake?"




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