Since the start of the school year, drivers who pass school buses while the bus has its red stop lights on have been getting more of the negative attention they deserve.

The Kent County Sheriff's Office is encouraging everyone to file a report when a driver runs through red school bus stop lights.

The Kent County Sheriff's Office says they've been hearing a lot of complaints, but not many people have been filling out official incident reports when they see a violation.

There could be a couple reasons for this:

  1. Most people don't know such a report exists.
  2. Even if you do know where to file a school bus violation incident report at, the form, seemingly incorrectly, says, "**** FOR SCHOOL BUS DRIVER USE ONLY ******"

A video from the Kent County Sheriff's Office shows this same form can be filled out by anyone, not just school bus drivers.

To file an incident report follow the instructions above or get started here.

Information you'll need to file a report:

  • location of the violation
  • time of the violation
  • direction the bus was going
  • direction the violator was going
  • a description of the vehicle including plate number

The Kent County Sheriff's Office handles reports made in the townships of Kent County. If you are in a city, the violation is handled by the local police department.

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