The casting call read, "If you are not ready for adventure, fun, pain sometimes, but something really rewarding, don’t apply"-- Well, one West Michigan man was READY.

MLive reports that Andrej Sensnovis, 53, of Kalamazoo will journey across the country via lawnmower on a new reality television show.

"The Great Grass Race" features pairs of contestants traveling 3,000 miles from L.A. to New York by Craftsman T110 lawnmower. Competitors will chart their own course, and must ask strangers to provide them with food, water and gasoline.

The experience kicks off with a launch party Thursday July 9, in Tarzana, California. The journey is expected to take about 3 months.

Sensnovis is originally from Chicago and attended Western Michigan University. He is an amateur beekeeper, inventor, handyman, landlord and self-described “free spirit".

Sensnovis tells MLive, “I’ll try anything once,”

Show creator and executive producer Denis Oliver said in a release the show was created at a time when the pandemic had slowed everything down:

“I wanted a show that everyone could relate to while also forcing people, including strangers, to work together toward a common objective. This long lawnmower ride is a metaphor for our longing to bridge the tremendous distance we feel between each other right now.”

According to MLive, The Great Grass race will be available on streaming services including Amazon Fire TV, Apple App Store, Google Play, and the streaming service Oliver created,  “Menace Vision'.

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